• Saturday, July 09th, 2011
Sail MAX Sizes Triangle – No side of a Triangle Sail is longer than 30 feet. Quadrilateral – No side of a Quadrilateral Sail is longer than 40 feet. Note: No side of a Sail shall be less than 1/2 the length of it’s longest side. SLOPE: Shade Sails need to be installed on a substantial slope to prevent stretching and sagging during rain. Once stretched, Sail cloth will not shrink back and results in a floppy Sail with unsightly staining from sediment that remains after rain sieves through leaving a dirty egg shaped stain. The minimum recommended slope is 3:12 (that is 1′ elevation for every 4′ of Sail length). So typically a 20′ Sail with a low side that is 8′ high requires a high point that is 13′ high. Sails that have less than 4:1 slope void the fabric manufacturers warranty. Posts: Please Note that the following information re Posts is a general guideline and there are several considerations that change the requirements. Post diameters vary and are sized based on Sail size and post height. They are typically set in a footing that is 1/2 the depth of the exposed length of the post. In other words, an eight foot tall post would typically have a 4′ deep 30″ diameter, 3000 psi concrete footing. A common post size for a medium size Sail would be 6″ diam sch40 round pipe or 5″ square (1/4″ wall) tubing.
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