• Friday, April 22nd, 2011
Monotec370® fabric is long lasting (15 year warranty) and it allows us to sew with (Poly Tetra Flouro Ethylene) PTFE thread. Monotec370® fabric has been specifically developed as an extremely strong and stable fabric for use in tension structures and enables us to build very long lasting Sails. It is 100% monofilament and 3 – 4 times heavier than other shade fabrics. Due to the unique construction, using 100% round monofilament yarn, Monotec370® provides increased stability and resistance to high winds. Most all other tensioned fabrics contain 30% monofilament (or less) and the balance is tape fill. These lighter weaker fabrics do not last as long, but more importantly, they stretch so much that they are only compatible with “stretchy” polyester threads. Using Monotec370® fabric allows us to use the UV stabilized and very strong PTFE thread which is designed to provide dependable service in harsh Solar conditions for 70+ years. 10 times longer than the 7 year service life of polyester threads.
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