• Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
Triangle (Tri) Shade Sails are very spectacular especially when they overlap each other and use multiple colors. And sometimes a triangle shape is just what’s required, but they are not very stable. They are most suitable in multiple Sail structures and where shade is generally a secondary concern and visual “WOW” is the prime requirement. Quadrilateral (Quad) Shade Sails provide much more shade per $ than Tri Sails. Quads are less expensive per sq foot of shade because Sails are priced by the perimeter foot not by the sq foot. Tri’s have long perimeters but provide relatively small shade areas. To get good shade coverage with Tri’s requires multiple overlapping Sails. Additionally, no matter how you raise or lower any corner of a Tri, it will always remain a flat sheet and relatively unstable. A Quad Sail however may be twisted to achieve structural stability.
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