• Monday, April 23rd, 2012
We usually are able evaluate your project by using the info you provide and satellite imagery. (see next FAQ #5 for details) Once we receive a query from you, we acknowledge the receipt and then study it. We contact you if there are questions or options. With this information we are usually able to provide Sail plans and a Proposal. This free method is provided for your evaluation and allows you to determine whether you would like to continue based on design and cost. There is no charge for the service. It’s free and there are no strings attached. However, if there is insufficient satellite info or you would rather start with an on-site visit this can be arranged at your convenience. During this visit I take measurements and take pictures with a camera drone from about 175 feet up. These will be used as the Photoshop background for the Sail plans I provide you. A $200 consultation fee is charged. This fee is waived/refunded when the project is approved. In all cases, before a Contract is signed, an on site visit is scheduled to verify the actual conditions and dimensions. After a contract is signed, we install anchor hardware and posts as necessary. We then take precise measurements and Sails are ordered, fabricated and, via air, drop shipped to us from Shade Sails, LLC’s exclusive Mfg plant in New Zealand. Within 3 weeks we complete the installation of your Sails.
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