General Information

We offer custom Shade Sails made with commercial quality Monotec370® fabric with stainless steel cabled perimeters. This continuous “cable” is double lock stitched in with long lasting Solarfix® thread.


Our Shade Sails are made exclusively with Monotec370®, a high density 100% mono-filament shade cloth imported from Australia that is especially manufactured with tensioned fabric structures in mind.

Monotec370® is the strongest shade cloth on the market.

Each sail is manufactured with a stainless steel cable or webbed belt (similar to a car safety belt) double lock stitched into its perimeter. This cable/belt terminates at a stainless steel ring located at each corner. These rings are then used to fasten the sail by either a shackle or turnbuckle to a hard point either on a post or existing structure.

Each sail corner is further reinforced with extra layers of cloth and strapping (gusseted) to distribute the load forces. All stitching is performed using a double locking stitch with Solarfix® thread.

Solarfix® sewing thread is made from PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene). PTFE’s inherent chemical resistance insures it will not rot or mildew and prevents deterioration due to ultraviolet radiation. Long lasting “Solarfix®” thread is UV stabilized. It is unaffected by and will not degrade from continuous sun exposure. Products sewn with Solarfix® sewing thread will not require restitching every few years!

The size of the stainless cable and rings as well as attachment hardware is engineered to be the appropriate size for each sail and application. We use only “marine grade” 304 or 316 stainless steel hardware shackles, turnbuckles, eyenuts, eyebolts, threaded-rod, nuts, washers, bolts, plates, cables and rings.

The perimeter of each sail has a cantinery curve designed into it that controls the fabric tension in the center of the sail. Therefore, when tension is placed on the perimeter cable/belt, the fabric will have uniform tension. They do not sag or flap in the wind.

Attachment hardware has locking mechanisms to assure that Sails do not detach or come loose accidentally. Generally, 2 turnbuckles are used per sail, and the remaining corners are attached using “D” or “Twist” shackles of the appropriate size for the expected corner loading.

Sails can be attached to existing structures with a variety of custom made brackets and hardware. They can also be supported by their own columns made of steel pipe. We prefer to use schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe embedded in concrete footings. In general, there is very little gravitational load, but uplift is the concern, and footings can be quite large and deep.

The dimensions of the pipe and the footings are designed appropriately for each sail and its application depending on the size of the sail and the expected wind loading. The columns can painted to provide the desired color.